Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Get Paid Writing at Wikinut - Make Money Online

Get paid writing at Wikinut. Wikinut is one of the latest article submission sites that shares ad revenue with its writers allowing you to make money online from your writing.

How Online Article Submission Sites Work
If you are new to making money writing online you may not be aware of how content sharing sites work. In brief you submit articles, photos or videos that you have the copyright for and in return you get paid a share of any revenue earned from advertising placed on your content pages.

How much you get paid by article submission sites varies from site to site. Wikinut is a good place to start because you get paid 50 percent of the total advertising revenue earned. Most sites that offer 50/50 revenue sharing do so by displaying ads only half the time in the writer's favor which is not nearly as good a deal.

Wikinut is Suitable for New Writers and Established Writers
If you are already familiar with content sharing sites you may be looking for another site that will give you good earnings. Wikinut is already very popular especially in the UK and I can only see its popularity increasing. By joining at this point you will be getting in on the ground floor and will be able to establish your presence as a writer on the site and get paid for writing.

Benefits of Getting Paid to Write at Wikinut
Some of the benefits of getting paid to write articles at Wikinut include:
  • 50/50 ad revenue sharing
  • a referral program that pays you 5 percent of the royalties of the new member for the lifetime of their content
  • a chance to become a moderator and earn 5 percent of the royalties on the content you moderate
  • get paid monthly via Paypal in your preferred currency provided your earnings have exceeded the GBP 5.00 threshold
  • retain copyright of the content you submit
  • submit articles and images
  • write articles of varying length as long as they exceed 500 characters
  • use a user-friendly online editor to submit your articles
  • gain easy access to excellent statistics to track your performance and your earnings
  • connect with fellow writers through the active community
  • excellent admin help and support
  • work from home
  • work your own hours
  • write from anywhere in the world
  • write about what interests you

Tips for Using Wikinut
Follow these Wikinut tips to get the most out of writing for Wikinut.
  • Get involved in the community
  • Complete your profile
  • Follow successful contributers
  • Actively post new articles and other content
  • Comment on other articles from other writers
  • Use keyword rich articles and titles
  • Make use of the Wikinut help pages
  • Promote your articles using social media tools such as Digg, Twitter and Facebook

How Do I Sign Up to Wikinut?
If are serious about getting paid for writing articles do give Wikinut a try. You must be at least 18 years of age and be able to write in English. Wikinut accepts international writers. Join Wikinut for free

Having your articles moderated can get annoying however it does ensure your content will be spell-checked and properly checked before submission. Remember that articles of high quality are more likely to be read and the longer a reader stays on your page the more likely they are to click on an advertisement and make you money.

Wikinut is free to join and sign up only takes a few minutes. Follow this link to sign up to Wikinut today and start getting paid writing articles for money.